The Department of Immunology is committed to excellence in education. At the undergraduate level, we are responsible for the teaching of Medical Immunology. To meet the requirements of medical students as well as students from Schools of Basic Medical Sciences, Public Health, Pharmacy, Stomatology, and Nursing, the immunology course is provided in different formats. We are proud that our Medical Immunology course has been recognized as a National Quality Course by the Ministry of Education. In addition to undergraduate teaching, we offer 6 advanced courses for graduate students. Currently, approximately 60 graduate students are enrolled in the Department of Immunology, and most of them are Ph.D. students. We encourage applications from domestic as well as overseas students.

Department of Immunology, Peking University Health Science Center, 38 Xue Yuan Road, Beijing 100191
Tel: (+86)10-82805055      Email: immunology@bjmu.edu.cn